There are several different techniques to removing vinyl. I have found the best procedure is to use a new single edged razor blade. It is important to swipe both sides across fine sandpaper to remove the burs, this will dull the blade enough to not scratch the gel coat. It works great. Work up an edge and slowly pull, keeping close to the surface, so not to give to much area to stretch and rip.

Some people use a heat gun procedure (hair dryer) to lessen the brittleness of vinyl.

There is also the tephlon wheel, called an eraser that attaches to a drill. (You must have the appropriate speed drill for this to work!). These wheels can be found at an auto or boat supply store. The best thing using these, it also removes any glue/adhesive behind.

In most cases, the vinyl will leave its adhesive on the surface. There are some great spray adhesive removers on the market found at any store. Spray over adhesive and let sit for a couple minutes, then take the squeegee, I’ve provided, and scrape up the glue.

If there is a “ghost”, you may want to have it compounded and buffed out.  But with time, the sun and oxidation will slowly balance out the surface.

Instructions for Vinyl Lettering:

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