Give your boat that Touch of Class at a very affordable price! Choose a gold leaf style from the four styles we offer. This page also allows you to view the different ways to accent your gold leaf name. Your name will hold  a lustrous shine for 10 to 14 years, the life expectancy or Signgold...

Gold Leaf Lettering

These patterns are being viewed with 4 inch lettering

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Swirl Gold Leaf Lettering
Small Turn Gold Leaf Lettering
Large Turn Gold Leaf Lettering
Extra Large Turn Gold Leaf Lettering

The gold leaf is sealed into the underside of Dupont's Tedlar polyvinyl flouride film - an incredibly tought material that can handle UV exposure, mild soap washes, and salt water.

For a long lasting look, always use a mild soap and water to clean with a clean soft cloth. Never use a wheel buffer over the lettering.