The night before applying, unroll and lay your lettering flat, squeegee over the entire area.

Begin with a ruler, scissors, x-acto knife, mineral spirits, and clean white cotton cloth. Clean the area you will be working in, with the mineral spirits. Take 2 inch pieces of tape and place across the top area where name will be. Place name in area and tape down the right corner. Measure left corner from boot stripe, then measure right corner. Double check left corner, it may have shifted. Now measure center and tape, continue to tape the areas I have marked. (Remember, bottom of flat letters are a bit higher then round letters. Make sure you measure off the same.)

Before cutting, make sure that the tape is securely down. Next, cut where I have shown, one section at a time. (If the wind is blowing, tape down to secure section you are not working with.) As shown in diagram, flip up the first section of lettering, at the bottom left corner of backing, pull the corner up and towards upper right corner. (Always take backing off lettering, not lettering off backing.) With backing removed take the top corners and bring down, pulling corners outward as you place to surface. From top center, squeegee down in one direction, then from center squeegee out to sides. Always squeegee in the same direction, back and forth will create unwanted bubbles. Make sure all areas have been squeegeed before you remove the transfer tape. Any bubbles can be easily popped with an x-acto knife or straight pin. All remaining bubbles will bake out in the sun.

You may feel more comfortable after removing the backing to spray with a glass cleaning bottle of 26 oz. water and 3 drops of liquid soap.

Good luck and if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to call. 772-334-4968

Instructions for Vinyl Lettering:

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